Why Fetch?

Choose Fetch! for our experienced, vetted, animal loving pet sitters

Our Sitters Are Thoroughly Vetted

We do our due diligence when hiring to make sure every single one of our sitters is not only safe and reliable but that they have a true passion for pets and people.

  • All sitters pass a mandatory background check.
  • All sitters go through an in-depth interview process.
  • All sitters are required to provide any essential personal information.
  • All sitters are required to be bonded and insured.

Meet Your Sitter Before You Schedule

We believe that you and your pet should feel as comfortable as possible with your sitter before our scheduled service takes place. That’s why we offer a free in-home consultation before your first service begins. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and make sure that this is a good fit.

You’ll Get The Same Trusted Sitter Every Time

When you schedule a service with us, we’ll partner you with a primary and back-up pet sitter based on your needs and schedule. You’ll have the chance to meet these nearby sitters and once you approve of them, we’ll assign them to your account. Any time you schedule services thereafter, you’ll receive care from your primary or back-up sitter. This way you know your pet is getting care from someone you (and they) know, trust, and like every time.

We’ve Earned a Glowing Reputation

With tens of thousands of satisfied clients nationwide, we’ve earned a solid reputation as the most trusted and reliable pet care service in the country. And it isn’t just Fetch as a company. Each of our sitters come with fantastic reviews of their own and our local owners are constantly reviewing feedback surveys to ensure it stays that way.

Meet The Owner

Robyn, Owner of Fetch! Pet Care

Hi, I am the owner and pet sitter. I have been pet sitting since 2003 and have experience in ALL domestic pets. I started out doing group, off leash pack walks and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in dog behavior from years of this work. I specialize in fearful, reactive and behaviorally challenging dogs. I am a lover of all animals and know how to provide injections and sub q fluid. I have experience with dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, birds, fish, rodents and reptiles 🙂


My name is Sidney and I’m a lover of all animals, big and small. I have 2 pets, a chihuahua and a carolina dog, that I love like my children. I’ve taken care of cats, dogs, and some interesting others my whole life. I’m so enthusiastic to continue taking care of many animals/owners needs! i am cat and dog CPR certified 🙂


I’m a Bay Area native with a love for animals. I have had 4 years of dog daycare experience, 2 years was spent walking dogs off leash in Bernal Heights Park and John Mclaren in San Francisco. In my spare time I enjoy music and drawing.


Hi, I’m Taylor – I’m a proud owner of the most rambunctious German Shepherd named Eve. I recently relocated to the Bay Area from Philly & look forward to getting to know the neighborhood by caring for your pets!


Hello my name is Makenna I’ve taken care of all types of animals…from reptiles to cats, birds, small animals and dogs. I have I’ll care for your animal as if it were my own!


I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very reliable, trusting and flexible. Since 2014 I have been a dog walker, sitter and best friend to pets. I enjoy the routine and guarantee your pets will be well cared for. Also I am available for overnights in your home so you can relax and enjoy your time away while your pets are safe and comfortable in their own environment.



I retired from my corporate job 6 yrs ago. I was a senior project manager for a technology company, I ran the Wells Fargo ATM Banking Division Contract. I started walking dogs as a hobby for friends and then through word of mouth, I became a full time dog Walker/pet sitter. I became an employee for fetch because I am a client as well!


Emily is familiar with all different types of domestic pets since her mother was a vet tech. She has grown up around animals and specializes in boarding at her home in a cage-free and loving environment. She currently has no other pets so she can also care for dogs that are best boarded alone.


Hi, I’m Gabriela! I’ve owned all sorts of pets in my life, fish, birds, cats, dogs, and more! I currently own two cats, Princess Peaches and Cream and Orion, as well as two parakeets, Tapioca and Havarti. I do art in my free time, including painting pets! I love animals and I’m excited to get to work with you!


My name is Sandra Tanner and my life has evolved around animals. On a professional note, I sold my coffee shop four years ago and retired. Presently, I spend a lot of time with my small grandchildren and my four cats. There are no dogs in our household right now and I miss having a dog at home. Consequently, I look forward to walking your dog around Alameda or in the Oakland hills (that I am very familiar with). Your pets will get the attention and care they need during your absence.


I’m a full-time college student living in North Oakland. I started pet-sitting professionally in January of 2021, and the rest has been history since then. I am especially fond of dogs, and one of my favorite aspects of caring for a canine is getting to know them and their personality. I love learning what sorts of things they especially enjoy (running, tug-of-war, belly rubs), and seeing them get to enjoy themselves to the fullest.


I am an animal handler with over 10 years of experience. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life and now I own two cats. I take pride in caring for pets, and I strive to provide peace of mind with families through trust and security. I was a manager of a doggie daycare in Lafayette for 3 years so I have tons of experiences with all sizes and breeds. I am also experienced in medication and injections.


Hi, I’m Andrea. I am a part-time, responsible working professional with a big heart for animals. I have owned several types of pets over the years, currently own 2 cats, and plan to get a puppy next year. I love animals and I am very reliable and patient.


Born and raised in Oakland, I split my time between baking and dog walking. I own a small terrier mix named Canis. I am available for pet sitting and dog walks and am comfortable with most dog breeds and ages as well as cats


I’m TeLing, an Oakland native and Educational Therapist. I am an animal lover and especially love dogs. With experience working in a doggie daycare, I am comfortable with and know about a variety of dogs, big and small. I have a soft spot for pit bulls and pit bull mixes. I look forward to taking care of your pet.


Gina has been a resident of the Bay Area since 1992 and been a dog owner the majority of her life, but animal lover her entire life. She has volunteered at Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek and has a professional career in children’s education. She has a passion for fitness, hiking and animals. She loves being out in nature and spending time with family. She serves the Martinez, Concord, and Walnut Creek areas for dog walking, pet visits and overnights.



Hi! I’m Galen. I’m a native of southeast Missouri, and that’s where my love affair with pets began. I’ve now lived in the Bay area for several years, and love the many places it offers to explore with furry companions. Let’s create a beautiful bond that’s built on trust, kindness, and an unshakable affection for all creatures great and small.


Hey, I’m Jeremy! I was born and raised in the East Bay Area, I’m currently in college studying film production, and I’m very passionate about music, art, history, ethnic cuisine, and basketball. And of course, I love animals of all kinds. I’m a fan of all dogs and cats (though I especially love English Bulldogs and Russian Blues) and I’m very excited to get to know your pets!


My name is Nicole, I’ve been a veterinary assistant for over 10 years. I’m comfortable with dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes and temperaments. I love caring for animals of all ages, but have a special interest in senior pet care!


Hi! I’m Melissa, a passionate pet enthusiast with a lifelong bond with animals. Currently without a furry companion, but my heart is dedicated to providing top-notch care. I’ve been house and pet sitting for a decade, from looking after furry friends during international travels to providing local check-ins and care. Your pets will always be in experienced and loving hands. 🙂


I’ve personally had two rescue greyhounds, a pit mix and a chihuahua. But grew up on a farm in the Midwest around all kinds of creatures. I am very reliable and trustworthy and I love animals. I look forward to meeting you and yours!


Hi, I have been pet sitting since 2018 for fetch Pet Care and have experience with dog walking, cat sitting, live in services in client’s homes, doggie daycare and boarding. I even boarded a client’s dog for almost a year. I recently moved and I am currently living on campus at UCSC but work on Holidays and Weekends in the bay area. Animals are my passion above everything and they are the source to my happiness. I love going above and beyond when taking care of them and making them as happy as I possibly can like they were my children. I used to have an American Eskimo, her name was Snowy. Thanks for reading!


I’m Elisia and I live in Oakland. I enjoy long walks, hiking, and being outdoors. I’m experienced in belly rubs, ear scratches, and smooches. I’m looking forward to meeting your dog and/or cat and making sure their day is as bright as their smile. I also work as a realtor so I know the area well.


Tim lives in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland with his wife, two sons, and golden retriever Lola, who especially shares his love for hiking!


Hi, I’m Armando Acosta. I am currently studying architecture at UC Berkeley and love spending my free time outdoors! I enjoy going on daily walks/runs. I also love spending time with animals and have plenty of experience caring for them. I grew up around animals and even had a couple of pets of my own, so I’ve had a lot of practice. I’m excited to make more furry friends!


My name is Ben and I am new to the Fetch Team. I love being able to give animals love as well as creating or supporting a happy lifestyle for them. I have had dogs throughout my life and currently have two of my own. I take them for multiple walks daily on or off leash outings. In addition I’ve also pet sat for family and friends dogs so I have background knowledge of what is required. Being outdoors is super important to me and I believe it’s essential for a happier/healthy lifestyle for humans and pets! Being able to help others with their pets is what I strive for. I look forward to meeting you and your pet(s)!


Hi! My name is Jasmine, I’m 22 years old and just started going back to school to be a Vet Tech! I have a deep love for animals, especially dogs. I have 2 of my own, a pug named Mango, and a mixed breed named Coffee. I will care for your pets just as I care for my own. I have worked at doggie daycare facilities around the Eastbay as well. <3


Hi, my name is Mariana, and I am currently in my first year of law school. When I am not in classes I love to curl up on the couch with a good book and my cat, Codi. I am super excited to take care of your pet in between classes and on the weekends. I have pet sat before during college and love interacting with different animals and learning their unique personalities!


Hi I’m Finn! As a pet sitter here with Fetch!, my journey began with a passion for animals and a desire to provide reliable care. From things like daily walks, cuddles, cleaning or to administering medications; my commitment is to ensuring the well-being of all kind of companions. I look forward to helping you and your pets!


I’ve been sitting and training dogs since I graduated high school, unfortunately growing up I didn’t usually have one, so providing services as an adult has been a healthy outlet to allow me to interact and train with all types of animals. I’m currently in school full time but all my classes are online so my schedule has still been relatively flexible for sitting and boarding dogs. Rest assured any pets in my home or a client’s, will be provided with around the clock care. I’m certified in CPR and have experience with epileptic and otherwise disabled pets.


Stella here! Not only will I be the BEST! I’ll be the BEST-friend(s) to your fur or non-fur babies 🙂 I can’t wait to take my new best-friend on foodie adventures, hikes, joyrides, spa dates, long walks on the beach, chasing waterfalls, and smelling the roses! Also, if you have a pet with special needs or old in age, don’t worry I got them covered too! Pets aren’t all created equal but no doubt they will get all the love and attention they deserve.


My name is Alexandra! Growing up, I have always had pets, specifically dogs and cats, and am very comfortable being around animals. They are so friendly, and cute, and give me a sense of joy and love. I have been taking care of pets for most of my life, including walking and house-sitting. I have four years of experience in pet sitting and dog walking. I make sure that your animal is comfortable with me first so I let them come up to me when we first meet. I provide belly rubs, pets, feeding, and playtime for your pet! Your furry friends will be in good hands and will be wagging their tails all the way home!


Hello, my name is Asher Jones and I am from Chicago Illinois. I moved out to the bay this past year and I love it. I am an intern at the Oakland zoo and will be attending college next year for zoology. I’ve always had an affinity for animals and my calling is to help endangered animals who have been affected strongly by humans. My goal is to work hand and hand with other animal conservationists around the world to help endangered and critically endangered animals around the world. I have experience with all animals, I’ve had two dogs a cat, a gecko, fish and more. I’ve worked at a dog wash and pet store, I’ve volunteered at animal sanctuaries in Costa Rica and South Africa. I am so excited to work with your dogs and cats and make sure they’re happy and get the best treatment you can hope for!


Born and raised in the Bay Area, I’ve developed a deep affinity for animals from an early age. Working with the Humane Society allows me to pursue my passion for pet care, providing love and attention to furry friends. With a warm heart and gentle touch, I find immense fulfillment in ensuring the well-being of these beloved companions. I am “fear free” certified, “feline aids” certified and a “helping hands” volunteer.


I have been a pet sitter for Fetch for 11 years and I specialize in cat care, dog walks and small animal visits